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Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn NYC
Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn. When it comes to family care, cleaning is one of the most important part especially when we have toddlers and pets. Using the wrong method or solution might bring serious consequences such as problems with allergies as well as breaking your expensive rug or carpet cleaning. That’s why we are here to help you deal with this kind of problems. Using Certified Green solutions will be your best choice ever for your family members and for the carpet itself. When it comes to process, who else than an expert can do it better.

That’s why we have hired licensed people in this field. Buying a carpet is easier than maintaining it that’s why we make sure that at the end of the process. It looks like new again. Always Green Carpet Cleaner is a licensed company that operates in NYC. It's surrounded areas 7 days per week to fulfill your needs.


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Cleaning all carpet types by using chemical-free solutions.

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A professional steam cleaning and bringing back its original color and beauty.

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# Was Now
1 Room was:  $82 now: $66
2 Rooms was: $124 now: $99
3 Rooms was: $170 now: $136
4 Rooms was: $200 now: $160
Love Seat was: $92 now: $74
Sofa was: $105 now: $84
Sectional was: $118 now: $94

*Prices are for Steam Cleaning Only

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